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OLEG and the Stormtroopers

What a marvellous weekend at the Halloween Tattoo Bash in Wolverhampton. We were the resident Pinstripe artists of the weekend, Oleg even had a go with one of the new Von Dago brushes we have heard so much about.

We didn't get to lay any Pinstripes on any bikes of cars - but sold a handful of vintage saws.

However - the highlight of the weekend for one little feller )our Bubba Oleg) was the Stormtroopers and his Darkness Darth. Oleg wasn't scared at all, he virtually threw himself at the troopers saying 'Just you try it Baba's'. Fair play to the Troopers and Darth himself saw the mirth in our little warrior - so much so they accepted our charitable donation for their impromptu photo shoot.

Roll on next year for Halloween Tattoo Bash 19. We'll be there and we'll have a few more Bubba Oleg stories to tell before then I'm sure.

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