Bubba Oleg hides.

Our second trip away was to 'Into the Valley' supporting the great works of the MAG (Motorcycle Action Group). My first hard standing event and it rained for the whole weekend, I needed to put cardboard on the floors of the caravan to soak up the excess mud. Oleg didn't mind the mud at all, he was securely wrapped up in our new caravan sending muggins here out to do all the work. He hid from the rain, it was all I could do to coax him out.

Saturday wasn't so bad, we got a bit of sun, and Oleg wanted to see some motorbikes. Overall a great event, great people and some cracking music with the likes of Bessie and the Zinc Buckets. The highlight for me was to land a commission to airbrush a Harley Davidson in the winter months with a gangster themed design. Oleg is scared of guns so I couldn't get him to even look at the bike we were discussing.

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