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Hello - I'm Lawrence 


Welcome to Aartvart and thanks for taking the time to look. 

For as long as I can remember I have been a creative soul, even at school I remember drawing cartoons from the Dandy and Beano (that's how old I am).  In the Air Force I sprayed my first crash helmet as a Rebel flag, as a result I ended up spraying a few helmets for scooter riders and bikers alike.  Sketching was also a favourite pastime when not working on aircraft or out partying.  Personally I can't stand having boring 'samey ole' stuff as everyone else, it's got to be custom, so I understand your need.   


Now - WHY would anyone trust their beloved bike, guitar or crash helmet to me as a project?

Well, I actually give a damn and I ensure the finished job is exactly what the customer wanted. I am passionate about my art and want that to show in the finished work.  Aartvart started as an airbrush hobby, painting motorbikes and guitars in my spare time(like everyone just happens to have those lying around for me to practice on).  Initially I just wanted to airbrush a few scratches out of the tank on my Harley Davidson(a raffle prize to help support kids with cancer), the whole thing ended up being a Candy purple work of art. 


Since then it just grew and grew.  I airbrushed my ZX-9 Ninja, that led me to do few bikes for my friends. Then I was commissioned to airbrush a guitar - which ended up on stage at Glaston-Budget in Leicestershire. 


Recently I went back to basics using a pencil, sketching stuff like dragons and tigers.  I met an amazing portrait artist (we now live together) - she is coaching me to do portrait works.  I attended an art workshop and attempted my first pastel. I also used oils to create my first scenic painting.  I am now even using graffiti aerosols to create planetary scenes on canvas. 

The biggest influence over me most recently has been the resurgence of Pinstriping.  Not many of the old masters are left alive and the skill/art has died somewhat.  I picked up a Mack striping brush and started to practice - today I am in demand as 'The Mobile Pinstriper'.  Where folks struggle to find a local pinstriper - I will travel to them and carry out their work.   

Airbrushing, Letteringing, Pin-striping, Wood burning, Hip flasks, Gothica, Portraits and Pastels - I will literally paint anything. 

What I love to do the most is work on a challenge - 'bring it on,' I say.  

So why the name AartVart - why not??  


Please enjoy the site and contact me for any help you might need.  

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