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OLEG and the Whiskey

Poor Bubba Oleg.

I left him in the caravan for just one hour whilst I pinstriped a last minute job for a Harley owner and what does he do?

He samples my whisky.

We had travelled to The Farmyard Party in Helmsley, Yorkshire, in aid of MAG (Motorcycle Action Group). It was the 30th year Party so it was always destined to be a massive event. It was my second year as resident Airbrush AND Pinstripe artist so I was expecting a few return customers and friends visiting. WOW - it was just staggering.

So here I am working my tail off applying paint and there was Bubba Oleg getting into mischief.

He must have taken my camera while I wasn't looking and set it onto 'Selfie' mode and hit the bottle. I didn't know Meerkat bubba's were technical.

I am sad to say he was seriously hung over (as was most of the bikers at the rally) the next morning. Oleg swears he won't be drinking again - but we've all heard that before.

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