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Helmet design - I want your lid!

Nobody wants a boring 'samey' crash helmet!!  

Q. So why do we put up with them?

A. Money or finding the right artist.  Well, here's a new way. Mail your lid to me with a simple idea of what you want, I'll do the rest and ship it back to you.  

Airbrushed candy purple with Steampunk cogs
Candy blue paintwork with traditional pinstripe design crash helmet
Airbrush Spiderman crash helmet with mirrored eyes
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan hand painted work over crash helmet

Do you want a unique, one off, bespoke design on your lid?


Choose any theme you like, Candy, airbrush, pinstripe, fantasy or portrait and just courier the lid to me.  All I need is a simple idea of what you want, (find an image online) a deposit and I shall do the work.  You can see regular updates via SMS to make sure it's as you want. Then, when it's finished, I post it back to you.  What a few friends have done is simply buy a new lid and have it mailed to me. Either way just contact me to sort out the simplist option for you.   

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