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Window watching Oleg

Continuing Bubba Oleg's summer of adventure, the following weekend we were off to Derbyshire for the Gothic Bikers rally. It was fine when we set off frmo Meerkat House, you can see Oleg standing next to Gomez(the Tarantula) enjoying the ride up to derby.

Meerkats like to eat tasty spiders, but a Bubba Kat thought Gomez was a tad too big.

Instead of trying to eat Gomez he decided to make friends and use the big Tarantula as a steadying device.

Once we arrived though it was rainy, muggy and a bit on the chilly side. Oleg was not put off at all, however, he would only look out the caravan window. Too cold for Bubba Meerkats - muggins here had to do all the heavy lifting himself. He did relish in the attention he received as everyone approaching the Pinstriping stall waved at the little guy - he told his Momma he wanted a leather biker jacket for his birthday. Me thinks trying on the crash helmet and looking at bikes has got him wanting to be a Kool Rockin' Kat.

I have to say though,The Gothic Bikers made us feel very welcome and asked me to judge the bike show on the Saturday afternoon. Tune in for the next instalment where we see Bubba Oleg helping around the caravan and setting up the art stall.

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