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Bubba Oleg travels

Well it has been a pretty hectic year pinstriping 'Live' at events. Starting with the Bum in the Mud rally down at Burnham -on-Sea, I noticed there was a stowaway in my backpack. Oleg decided he wanted to get out the house(away from his sisters I'm guessing) and travel the world of bikers, petrol-heads and hot rodders.

I bought a caravan at the end of last season's events so I would have more comfort at the end of a busy painting day and someplace to leave all the artwork which adorns the stall. I packed tinned food, dried food and always cooked the day before travelling so I would have a meal ready to heat after the setting up of the stall. Normally a two to three hour process I am always ready for a beer and a bite.

Bum in the Mud is held on Mersea Island facing right onto the sea front, a three hour drive with the caravan. So imagine my surprise when unpacking the Merc ML and finding this little fellow stowing away to see the world. His Momma was a little worried, I was a bit surprised, but Oleg insisted he needed to see the world like all big boys should.

Keep checking back to follow the adventures of our little Bubba Oleg throughout his summer of pinstriping adventures.

Bubba Oleg travels with Aartvart to custom bike, car and hot-rod shows with Lawrence Laidlow

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