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Oleg's great adventure

Now that our little Bubba had been on a couple of journeys with me Pinstriping and Airbrushing at shows - there was no holding him back. Every time I got to the car to attend an event - there he was - sat on the dashboard waiting to be transported to our destination. As the weather cheered up - I would find him venturing out of the caravan and mingling among my pinstriped stock. He he is thinking he'd like to be a biker when he grows up.

Trying on my Steam-Punk lid was a bit adventurous even for Oleg, but all Meerkats are bold n brave - me thinks he needs to wait a few years before he buys his own Harley and skid lid.

This helmet was a pretty time consuming job, candy purple over Aluminium base, then hours of airbrush work over gold metalic spray. Oleg didn't care - he just thought

Oleg tries out a crash helmet.

he looked cool in it.

Tune in next week for Oleg ongoing adventures

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