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Oleg just wants to have fun.

The ongoing travel log of Bubba Oleg took him(and I) to sunny Knutsford in Cheshire to the classic car show weekend. This pinstriping and custom airbrushing is not for the faint hearted. Packing up caravans, cars and erecting a huge Gala tent once we get here is some mean feat. Normally it takes me about two hours to unpack the Jeep, build the tent frame, and set out the tables and stack the stock.

Once I'm set up I can relax somewhat and wait for the public to seek me out and book some paint work to be done.

But it's not the same for Bubba Oleg. He just wants to jump out of the car and start to play - when the sun is out that is. When he's not hiding from the poor British weather, he runs amok in my stall. Here I caught him among the beer tankards. All he wanted to do was play hide and seek - I told him to duck down and I'd find him. I let him sit for a couple hours and pretended he did such a great job hiding, I couldn't see him.

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